Please i need your Malta hands

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Please i need your Malta hands

It is a story that is usually told in s. Every day, health authorities report the latest statistics of COVID the cases, recoveries, deaths. But behind each of Malta's victims and counting is a grieving family. As the country begins a national vaccination programmeTimes of Malta would like to end by reflecting on the lives behind the s. If you have a loved one that you would like to include, please send their photograph with their name, age and a short tribute to: newsroom timesofmalta.

She was still an avid reader even at her age but after St Anne's Residence for the elderly was closed it was not possible to hand over books and magazines. Although her health was deteriorating fast, we wish she did not die all alone and that it was possible to have a decent burial since funerals were not possible.

We hope she was unconscious the whole time and did not know she was all alone. It is cruel dying all alone. We would have wanted to be by her side during that time. Grace Bugelli. She loved people and loved a good party. No-one Grace met stayed a stranger and she was always ready to strike up a conversation. Wherever she went, Grace spread joy and love. Grace s her youngest daughter, Rachael, in heaven and is sorely missed by two daughters Marvic and Ruth.

Guido Camilleri. He will always be remembered for being so loving, caring and he always carried a smile on his face, no matter what. These last few months were devastating as we could not go visit him, but when we did, he was always happy to see us, especially when we brought him a shandy and pastizzi, his favourites.

For me he was the best dad in the world, and he is going to be missed every single day that passes by. Until we meet again daddy, keep an eye on us from up there. Mary Jane Sammut. Greatest wizard of culinary delights, forever vocal for women empowerment, patient and doting grandma, best deer and maker of fine wedding dresses.

No one heard you when you were in pain. No one was there to allay your fears. Tears have been shed now. An empty void fills our home. A memory etched forever in our hearts. Frans Sultana. Even though you are now resting, we keep you alive through our thoughts and memories we cherished together.

We will always remember your infectious laugh and funny jokes! I love you nannu, rest well and Please i need your Malta hands on taking care of all the family from heaven! Joseph Agius.

Please i need your Malta hands

He died alone. He deserved so much better, he was a family man who was prepared to help everyone, even helping to feed the needy. We could have had him for Christmas. Instead, I lost a piece of myself. Charles Camilleri. His enthusiasm rubbed off on others, as he used to organise cultural tours. He was loved by hundreds in the community and was loyal to his family. Philip Farrugia. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again. Sorely missed and never forgotten, Dad. From your loving children, Aldo, Martoine and Mariella and their respective families.

Till we meet again, Dad. Aldo Farrugia on his father Philip. Violet Portelli.

Please i need your Malta hands

A caring woman, who would also put on red lipstick when meeting people, had to be buried with haste. Perhaps though, he is best remembered as a teacher for many years, not merely of subjects but of character, marking generations of students at St Aloysius College with his kindness and dedication, and inspiring a of students to enter politics through his contagious love for Malta and his wish to see the country improve. Fr Lino was also totally dedicated to supporting the residents and staff at Dar Tal-Providenza.

We will never forget the utter joy he transmitted whenever he related the time when Pope Francis called him to wish him a happy birthday! And we will never forget the utter joy he transmitted whenever he related the time when Pope Francis called him to wish him a happy birthday! They had lived together in the same seminary in Buenos Aires during their formation, cracking jokes and playing football together.

Please i need your Malta hands

Funny, enthusiastic to a fault, thoughtful, maybe even a little eccentric, he loved people, he loved his family, he loved India where he spent over 36 years of his life as a Jesuit missionary, working tirelessly among the poorest, teaching, serving, establishing and conducting invaluable leadership training courses for the holistic formation of young people. And this, he says, leaves him feeling a fulfilled old Jesuit. Salvino Degabriele. Salvino was a second father for me and I grew up very close to him especially during my teenage years.

He was loved by all and will be sorely missed by all those who knew him. David Casa. Dr Lawrence Fenech. You gave so much and asked for nothing. You were, are, and forever will be in our hearts and minds. He worked for the Office of the President, a loyal and reliable employee who was loved by his colleagues. He was a humble man, always willing to give a helping hand but more importantly he was a really good listener.

He was a respectful husband who often returned home with chocolates or sweet desserts for his wife Catherine. He cherished the company of his sisters and brother and often enjoyed playing cards with them. Uncle Vince use to visit his mother weekly without fail at the home she still resides in. He was a strong man who was not scared to show Please i need your Malta hands fragility and his emotions. Vincent Formosa worked at the Office of the President. Joseph Bray. To our big loss, no matter how much you fought till the end, it won you over, leaving you the 44th Maltese victim of COVID Yet, your love for your family and friends, and your infectious smile will always prevail.

Dad, we miss you like no words could ever explain, and wish we can hug you and speak to you for the very last time. Danielle Diacono. She was very sociable and loved bringing people together. She was like a sister to me and her absence is sorely missed. She touched the lives of many people with her beautiful soul and these precious memories will never fade. COVID snatched him away from us and we could not be next to him while taking his last breath.

Please i need your Malta hands

It is so painful for us as you never get to see him not even before he was buried. George Agius Pascalidis. Harry Peresso. Aldo E Azzopardi. A true gentleman, full of love and laughs. Our dear aunty Nena left us to meet our other loved ones up in heaven. She was a beautiful soul, a beautiful lady, always thinking of everyone.

She loved her family with all her might. We will all miss her infectious smile and her warm heart. Another angel looking over us in heaven. Carmen Vella. My father was a loving and caring husband, father and grandfather. His grandchildren were his joy and pride. He dedicated his life to see his family happy. It is such a heartbreak for us that we couldn't be with him during his days spent in the hospital.

His sudden death was a shock. Joseph Borg Bonello. To us, his family, he simply faded away since, from the moment he was taken to Mater Dei Hospital from Zammit Clapp Residence, we could neither see him nor speak to him. Our thanks go to the doctor who kept him company and us informed. We were obliged to organise the funeral within a couple of hours, with no time to inform some of our relatives and his own friends of his death and we could not even bury him in our family grave.

As a father, he instilled in me, my brother Benny and my late brother Fr Manwel, a sense of justice, responsibility and altruism. She was a healthy year-old and had no chronic diseases whatsoever. We were sure that she would reach the venerable age of like her two other sisters. She had only been a resident for one year. She was a devoted Catholic mother of six, a grandmother of thirteen and a great-grandmother of three. Her life revolved only on her family. The greatest pain for all was the fact that she was denied the presence of her family when she passed and, most of all, denied entrance to the church for her funeral mass celebrated by her son who is a priest.

Mary Carmen Vassallo. We were devastated at the thought that she may have called out for us to hold her hand and comfort her during her final days. Now, the night sky shines brighter with my beautiful mom in heaven. She has ed the stars and all those she has loved and lost.

Our pain will pass and we reminisce and celebrate her life through the sweet memories that we have and hold so dearly. You are not another 'elderly' statistic mum. Covid took you away and not your years. Love you mommy, always and forever. Doreen Mercieca. Charlie Scicluna. Always remember for your enjoyment of life, your commitment to work and your loyalty to your colleagues, neighbours and friends. At this time of the year, we are deeply missing your karaoke singing, your impromptu lyrics and your delicious cooking.

You were always the heart of the party! We could not hold your hand during your final moments but Please i need your Malta hands were present through our strong emotional bond dad. They gave you the best possible care to ease your pain and keep you comfortable.

Please i need your Malta hands

That's my comfort, although we could not stay close to you, you were in good hands. I know how much you loved your work at Mater Dei Hospital and your colleagues at the bio-engineering section, but they loved you back da!

In every corner there is a piece of furniture which serves as a remembrance of you. Until we meet again! You will always be my king! She was a quiet and optimistic person who never grumbled even when in pain and who had great faith in and love for Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Anthony of Padua.

Please i need your Malta hands

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