No time for Auburn Maine relationship

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Small cities are great to live in, but if you are feeling lonely and like you have nobody to talk to, it can seem like your small city is too small. The City of Auburn only has about 22, people living there, but you may feel like you are all alone. The dedicated mental health counselors in and near Auburn can help you.

While Auburn may be a small town, it has grown considerably since its inception inwhen there were only about 2, people living there. It is important to have friendships and relationships with other people so you can grow as a person. Talking with one of the counselors in Auburn can help you in your relationships and with any other issues you may have. I am a mental health and an addictions counselor dual-d in Maine with over 35 years of experience working as a psychotherapist.

I have worked with clients with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting problems, career challenges, OCD and ADHD.

No time for Auburn Maine relationship

I also helped many people who have experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse. My counseling style is relational, compassionate and empathetic. I believe in treating anyone with respect and sensitivity. I don't believe in stigmatizing labels. My approach combine I am a d Professional Counselor who has been in the helping profession for over 15 years. I can't imagine doing anything more rewarding than what I do. My philosophy is very simple. This allowed me to experience life in ways that I believe make me a good therapist.

Life isn't always easy, or even kind. That is why I feel therapy is such a valuable thing to offer.

No time for Auburn Maine relationship

I cannot imagine life without my work as a therapist. I have had the pleasure of working in a practice f I am an enthusiastic and hard-working, responsible person who loves helping people. I had wanted to be a counselor my whole life, but was taken in a different direction early on. Later in life when I realized I could get my masters degree without re-doing my bachelors, I went back to school and got my M.

I was finally able to do the job I loved and get paid for it! I work with a variety of clients, but my specialty is in working with child sexual abuse victims and their non-offending family members. I work a lot with people who hav I have worked with the entire spectrum of the population from children to the older adults.

I have experience working with and helping people recover from depression, anxiety, stress related disorders, bi-polar disorder, divorce and custody issues. It is my firm belief that everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time and could benefit from having a neutral person to talk to without judgem I have long been interested in providing teletherapy, as it crosses many barriers and allows people to seek out a therapist who, otherwise, may have difficulty finding someone, are turned off to the process of looking or who just may choose not to pursue therapy, after all.

You may be worried about being able to connect with someone using technology. I feel confident that my energy, understanding and skill will translate to you. I work with a wide variety of problems and issues, enjoy being a clinician and working with a variety of people and their concerns.

I have been in the mental health field for about twenty years, with experience from working in residential facilities to outpatient therapy. My biggest passion is holistic therapy, focusing on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. I specialize in trauma and anxiety. I use cognitive behavioral therapy to treat both, Hello, my name is Dr.

Chris Garrison and thank you for checking out my profile! Choosing a therapist is an important decision and one which should not be lightly taken. Therefore, I hope the following information about me helps. Additionally, I am in a post-doctorate certificate training program in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Finally, I am studying for a second doctorate Ph. Do you find yourself seeking answers? Are you struggling with a challenging situation? Are you grieving the loss of No time for Auburn Maine relationship or someone? Are life changes creating worry? Not sure which way to turn?

Losing hope? Are you thinking it is time for self-exploration? Are you needing to examine the situations or factors in your life that hold you back? My philosophy is to "keep it simple". Because those who are in need of counseling are often so overwhelmed.

No time for Auburn Maine relationship

I feel it is important to keep the therapeutic process streamlined and non-complicated. I provide a laid back and nonjudgmental environment with an eclectic approach to therapy. I work with each client to create a unique treatment plan to address each identified need with manageable therapeutic goals in a simplified yet supportive and flexible manner. I have over 25 years of experience in the field working with clients ages 3 to 96 years old.

The bul My name is Tom Babbitt. I did year-long internships at both the University of New England counseling center, and the Colby College counseling center, and I have been in private practice for 15 years at my home office in Brunswick, Maine, and now remotely through Telehealth. It can be daunting, findi I have worked with individuals and families with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting problems, career challenges, trauma, and chronic mood disorders. My counseling style is interactive and reflective.

I believe in treating anyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion, without stigmatizing labels I was raised in a family focused on human services, as my mother was a therapist and my father was a special education teacher for emotionally challenged students. I have worked with people of varying ages and of diverse backgrounds over the y I am a d psychotherapist in the states of Michigan and Maine and have worked as a counselor and life coach with individuals and families for over 30 years.

My focus is on helping clients achieve satisfying relationships and greater joy in their lives regardless of what their experiences may have been in the past. I use an eclectic approach to therapy seeking to find and utilize the methods that are most comfortable and helpful to you. Hello and welcome to the Better Help resources! My name is Jayne Stauch Bannish LCSW and I am a Clinician with 26 years of direct clinical practice working with adults, adolescents, young adult and college age youth. Modalities of treatment will vary base Welcome to BetterHelp! I am a d Clinical Social worker and have have been in the social work field for over 20 years.

I have a variety of experiences from working with No time for Auburn Maine relationship and families through day treatment and in home support, to individual counseling for adults facing mental health symptoms, domestic violence, homelessness, chronical illness and criminal history. I have extensive experience in the areas of ADHD, autism, trauma, depression, relationships, anxiety and parenting.

No time for Auburn Maine relationship

I practice strengths based, client centered therapy. I beli I am a d Clinical Social Worker and am providing individual counseling at a small health center. I've been here for 9 yrs. Prior to that I worked in an OP clinic working with very ill population. I was a crisis worker for 10 yrs prior to that. I've worked in the city and now in rural health care. I feel so grateful to be doing this work and listening to peoples personal stories. I also start where the client is at and I practice with transparency regarding my assessment and recommendations.

I always use CBT to one degree or another. I aid people My name is Mark Williams. I am a d clinical social worker with 27 plus years of experience in the counseling field. I have worked with clients who have a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction and relationship issues.

I have extensive experience in treating alcohol and other drug problems. My counseling style is warm and non judgmental. I believe that focusing on client self care is very important. My approach is a combination of both psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral counseling.

No time for Auburn Maine relationship

I will listen, pro When we take attentive care of ourselves we can be our most present for our loved ones and our communities. I have worked with people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, conflict, and trauma. My approach is solution focused, client centered, and strengths based.

My aim is to make the therapy experience a genuine, positive, and safe space to heal. I believe that we carry with us the tool Hi, I am sure you are wondering what happened in life that brought you here? Growth, peace and contentment are what we got when we learn about ourselves in a deeper more meaningful way. That is what we can do, give you a safe, confidential place to discover you. I am a d Clinical Social Worker for the State of Maine with over 20 years of experience working as a counselor and life coach.

No time for Auburn Maine relationship

email: [email protected] - phone:(753) 751-1751 x 8090

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