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He has been criticised for posting sex videos of himself and his girlfriend on his personal blog while poking fun at Malaysia's largest religion through Facebook. However to the rest, he is the real deal when it comes to the freedom of self-expression without living in fear of repercussions. Basically I arrived in the US in and it's been almost 5 years. It was a long journey. The first couple of years were just purely me trying to get on my feet, building a network, getting a job by hook or crook because you don't want to end up Adult wants sex Alvin.

I began getting active in the adult film industry in but it took a backseat in when the cryptocurrency bull run happened and I was into that. But in I shot a bit. I'm still doing the crypto thing and Adult wants sex Alvin do shoot a little bit of pornography here and there. But right now I'm mainly working on my software business.

Not many know this but I had started this business back in and it was was my source of income between to I basically code business software for small to medium businesses. Back then, I made a pretty good income because it is mostly passive. When you run a software business, a lot of aspect of it is automated. So the funny thing was upon arrival in the US, I was in the immigration prison for four-months because I didn't have a valid visa. Now, if you don't attend your business for that long, it dies.

That was the end of my business so right now I'm starting it again. It is yet to be launched so the revenue is still zero but I'm confident it will work out because I've done it before. The only challenge this time is the currency exchange rate. Because running an SaaS business from Malaysia is a lot cheaper. The exchange rate helps if your clients are from the US. Right now I'm living in Los Angeles, one of the most expensive cities in the world. So we'll see how this goes. I'm working on several things at once.

The crypto thing, I shoot porn, and I also bartend about three nights a week. I'm all over the place, really. But you know what, you can't just do one thing alone in the 21st century. First of all I've never seen my career in the adult film industry as a long-term thing. In fact, many don't see it as a long-term thing as many see it as a transitional phase.

I kind of started shooting porn in Most of it was self-produced and then after that I started shooting more for some small companies here and there. Of course when I was shooting my own productions, I had these content that I'm sitting on. So I added them into my website. Most of it was done as a labor of love. I loved it because I'm an exhibitionist. I love to do it. The second reason is to increase the Asian male representation in the Western porn industry.

Adult wants sex Alvin

Asian males are not well represented in mainstream American media, let alone porn. So I saw it as a rare opportunity to stand up for my brothers. The last reason was to produce some passive income for myself. So when I was doing it actively init actually paid for my rent for about a year. I wouldn't say it was wildly profitable, but it did make a decent amount of cash. Not many can understand the lifestyle of a male porn star. I don't think its generally good to force your body to regenerate semen that often. So the way they shoot porn, you have to rely on certain drugs and injections to meet the demands of production.

I don't think it's sustainable in terms of health. I also don't like where the industry is headed. The studios are dying because due to the rise of tube websites. There's tech and automation through computer-generated imagery, virtual reality and augmented reality that is replacing usual porn. More often than not, going into an Adult wants sex Alvin film industry closes doors rather than opening it because major Hollywood studios don't want to associate with the dark side of the business.

It's one of those sad things which is not accepted in the mainstream because most people are hypocrites. They watch porn but publicly they want to demonize it. No one's going to openly admit that they enjoy porn. The s don't lie, porn sites have some of the highest traffics in the world. So who is watching it? I've never felt ashamed of my sexuality. It's a part of me.

I never felt the need to hide the fact that I like sex.

Adult wants sex Alvin

I never needed to. A lot of it is to do with meeting the right person, the right place, the right time, and the magic happens. Vivian was as liberated as I was and honestly we didn't feel anything wrong with putting our sex videos online. Again, it was a labor of love. In fact there is a whole community of people who used to put their sex videos on Tumblr. It's not something new, not even in Malaysia.

Adult wants sex Alvin

It's been going on for years but for some reason we were singled out and condemned publicly by the media. To them I have to say, if you don't like it the videosdon't look at it. Why do you have to wilfully visit our sex blog, look at our pictures, watch our videos and then be offended? It makes no sense. I mean, I didn't force you to surf our website. I didn't create a pop-up Adult wants sex Alvin your computer that featured my sex videos. I didn't pry your eye lids open to watch it nor did anyone force you to watch it.

You made the choice to watch it, first of all. And then to be offended afterwards? I find that to be disingenuous. You know what you were going to watch. You stepped in with your eyes wide open. You made that decision. Own it. Don't be a hypocrite by saying afterwards it's not suitable for our community. Why did you watch it? Why did you contribute to this moral decadence?

So to me, it's really hypocritical. To see it as something dirty and to see it as something sacred even to be practised within marriage. A lot of it has to do with religious roots. The Nazis promoted the superiority of the Aryan race.

Adult wants sex Alvin

The equivalent on the Islam side is the promotion of the superiority of the believer. In Islam, if you're a non-believer or even a believer of the wrong sect, you're considered a scum.

Adult wants sex Alvin

A sub-human. They justify this by considering it halal to prosecute you. Unlike other religions where people can opt in and out as they like, in Islam, there are legal and societal implications. So when you opt out, they'll view you as a pariah and might condemn you socially. They might even attack you violently. Furthermore, in Islam there is no separation of the state and the mosque.

I find this to be problematic because there are rules for banking, marriage, diet - essentially a comprehensive system of living based off religion. So Islam and the government will never be separated. Islam is government. Calling Islam a religion is incomplete. Islam, first and foremost, is a political system. Criticising or mocking the religion can be viewed as going against the state which can land a person in jail. You know, I know a lot of people who were very optimistic when they took power in May last year.

Myself included. I didn't sleep at all when they were tallying the votes. I know a lot of people who voted for Pakatan Harapan are very disappointed with their performance. There's been a lot of backtracking and not fulfilling promises. There's also been a lot of Adult wants sex Alvin to the far right, especially the Malay extremist agenda.

Adult wants sex Alvin

To me - and I keep saying this many times on social media - Malaysia does not have a government problem. It has a demographic problem. So as long as the demographic become more Muslim and keeps trending towards that direction, Malaysia will be more and more oppressive regardless of who the government is. Because in a democracy, the government is the reflection of her people. So if the majority becomes increasingly Muslim, the government necessarily becomes increasingly Islamic.

Porn is something I'll keep doing on and off here and there. It's not going to be my main bread and butter.

Adult wants sex Alvin

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Sex blogger Alvin Tan speaks to us about porn, religion, cryptocurrency, and his future plans